Life Coaching at Centerstone

Whether you are facing a transition, pursuing balance or seeking inspiration, Life Coaching at Centerstone can help you gain valuable insights for living with more purpose and direction.

Within the context of a safe, positive, non-judgmental environment, Life Coaching at Centerstone provides a process and framework for individuals to identify goals and move deliberately toward them.

Life Coaching at Centerstone is available anywhere by phone, text, on-line chat or Skype. Or you can meet with a life coach in our Nashville, Tenn. office.

Specialized coaching services include…

Life Coaching at Centerstone is for individuals seeking more and better for their lives.
Life Coaching at Centerstone
Find balance in your life.



"I had no idea what to expect from Life Coaching. Kerry helped me step back, evaluate and address my sources of stress. After just two sessions, I felt much more grounded and equipped to balance life, work and family."
–Ann R., business owner, college professor and mother

"Kerry has been instrumental in helping me turn negatives into positives; she always knows the right questions to ask. Because of this amazing experience, I feel much more empowered and ready to move to the next stage in my career."
– Casey C., TV producer and stylist